Natural Wine Is My Self-Care

These are the basic tenets of Adrienne Marie Brown’s recent book, “Pleasure Activism.” “When people come to a gathering space or a meeting and the food situation is healthy, and beautiful, and local and organic, and the people are having the pleasure of having food together, it makes them much more likely to return,” Ms. Brown said in a recent interview. Holistically caring for yourself, and being cognizant of consumption is a political stateme

In recent years, I’ve decided enjoyment of life is spiritual. Carefully consuming, being diligent with pleasure is a form of holiness. It’s why food is universally a powerful tool for reconciliation, to come together. Cultures are built around this knowledge. And at the end of the day, it’s a form of connectivity. What is self-care if not learning how to best live? Not just for yourself, but for your community as well.

“Just as we generally agree that fruit grown organically, livestock treated with respect, and supermarket products made with as few additives as possible are better for us,” wrote Nathan Ratapu of Thirst Wine Merchants, a natural wine store in Brooklyn, in an email. “So to it stands that the byproduct of grape fermentation, a.k.a. wine, will be better for us when the ingredients involved are treated with the same care.”

Natural wine, for me, is about knowledge and conversation: the grapes, the producers, the fermentation. It’s a movement, and there’s a culture around it that extends beyond its alcoholic proportions. Therein somehow making it accessible for a Muslim kid who drinks to speak about its supposed spiritual and health benefits.

“I’m not here to talk about what is healthy and unhealthy because at the end of the day anything consumed out of balance can be deemed unhealthy,” wrote Krista Scruggs in an email, a winemaker and owner of Zafa Wines. “But I will say that I myself prefer to eat and drink foods that I’m privy of the ingredients to make an informed decision if I want to put it in my body or not.”

The spirituality of natural wine is clear when you drink a bottle that has the ability to sincerely move you. It’s in the pull, in the buzz, it’s back to something that feels sacred and supportive of agriculture and the earth, making it a holistic experience drinking it.

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